Last week we saw the Eastern Conference champion Philadelphia Flyers up toward the top of the rankings while the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks plummeted toward the bottom. This week the tables have turned. How did your team perform?





Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago BlackhawksCurrent Rank: 1 | Previous Rank: 23 | +22

The reigning Stanley Cup champions are back in championship form, winning four in a row.


Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh PenguinsCurrent Rank: 2 | Previous Rank: 24 | +22

Naturally, the Penguins decided to wait until they came into Philly to turn things around, much to the dismay of Flyers fans. They've outscored their opponents 10-3 in their past two contests.


Boston Bruins

Boston BruinsCurrent Rank: 3 | Previous Rank: 18 | +15

Boston gets the bronze over Los Angeles by this much!



Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles KingsCurrent Rank: 4 | Previous Rank: 14 | +10

Pretty solid week for the Kings.



New York Islanders

New York IslandersCurrent Rank: 5 | Previous Rank: 16 | +11

Not impressive on paper. Very impressive on the ice. 



Dallas Stars

 Dallas StarsCurrent Rank: 6 | Previous Rank: 8 | +2

If it's two things Texans love it's football and baseball (trust me, I know a couple). The Dallas Stars are giving Texans pretty good reason to throw hockey in there, too. 


Toronto Maple Leafs

 Toronto Maple LeafsCurrent Rank: 7 | Previous Rank: 1 | -6

Ya gotta lose eventually. 



Florida Panthers

 Florida PanthersCurrent Rank: 8 | Previous Rank: 30 | +22

The Panthers won two games in a row last week. Gotta admit; that's exceeding expectations right there. Not only that, they outscored their opponents 9-0! Vokoun for Vezina! 


Minnesota Wild

 Minnesota WildCurrent Rank: 9 | Previous Rank: 28 | +19

At 45.8%, their PP is tops in the league. 45.8%?! You don't ever want to be a man down against this team.


Colorado Avalanche

Colorado AvalancheCurrent Rank: 10 | Previous Rank: 13 | +3

The young guns keep blazin', picking up two of three on the road. 



St. Louis Blues 

St. Louis BluesCurrent Rank: 11 | Previous Rank: 2 | -9

A couple of close contests against some pretty tough competition keeps the Blues on the outside of the top ten this week. 


Detroit Red Wings

 Detroit Red WingsCurrent Rank: 12 | Previous Rank: 3 | -9

It's not that their doing much worse, it's that everyone else is doing that much better. 


Washington Capitals

Washington CapitalsCurrent Rank: 13 | Previous Rank: 5 | -8

The Caps scored just three goals this week in regulation time. I'm going to let that sink in a little... 


Nashville Predators 

Nashville PredatorsCurrent Rank: 14 | Previous Rank: 6 | -8

Nashville looks for the opposite results in OT next week.



Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay LightningCurrent Rank: 15 | Previous Rank: 9 | -6

Simon Gagne and the Bolts got the best of the Flyers for his homecoming. Then they let the Panthers score a touchdown on them.


Calgary Flames

Calgary FlamesCurrent Rank: 16 | Previous Rank: 12 | -4

Calgary saved face at home after being shut out by the Panthers of all teams. Then they took their show on the road where they failed to score in regulation again. Thank goodness OT worked out for them. 


Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus Blue JacketsCurrent Rank: 17 | Previous Rank: 17 | +/-0

They're not bad, but they aren't that good...yet. 



Montreal Canadiens

Montreal CanadiensCurrent Rank: 18 | Previous Rank: 20 | +2

If you're going to start winning it may as well be against division rivals. 



Atlanta Thrashers 

Atlanta ThrashersCurrent Rank: 19 | Previous Rank: 22 | +3

The Thrashers' wins on the road against the West overshadow their loss at home against the Sabres. 


Phoenix Coyotes

Phoenix Coyotes

Current Rank: 20 | Previous Rank: 19 | -1

Tough week for the 'Yotes. 



Carolina Hurricanes

 Carolina HurricanesCurrent Rank: 21 | Previous Rank: 10 | -11

1-4 on the road is going to come back to haunt you later on down the line. 



Edmonton Oilers

 Edmonton OilersCurrent Rank: 22 | Previous Rank: 7 | -15

There's the Edmonton Oilers we've all grown to know and love! 



Philadelphia Flyers

 Philadelphia FlyersCurrent Rank: 23 | Previous Rank: 4 | -19

Lazy. Undisciplined. Sloppy. These are some of the kinder words that describe the Philadelphia Flyers of late. The Killer Bees (Briere, Bobrovsky, Boucher) can't do this on their own. 


Vancouver Canucks 

Vancouver CanucksCurrent Rank: 24 | Previous Rank: 15 | -9

Roberto Luongo is an absolute mess. So is Rick Rypien. 



San Jose Sharks

 San Jose SharksCurrent Rank: 25 | Previous Rank: 11 | -14

Outscored by 5 at home this week? Hey, guys! It's safe to go back in the water! 


Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo SabresCurrent Rank: 26 | Previous Rank: 26 | +/-0

Ryan Miller got his first win in 5 starts. Sitting him against Chicago in favor of Lalime must have been the motivation he needed.


Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim DucksCurrent Rank: 27 | Previous Rank: 27 | +/-0

Ah, so that's why they dropped the "Mighty"!



New York Rangers

New York RangersCurrent Rank: 28 | Previous Rank: 21 | -7

The "Henrik Lundqvist Suicide Watch" has officially begun. 



Ottawa Senators

Ottawa SenatorsCurrent Rank: 29 | Previous Rank: 29 | +/-0

I give it two weeks before I completely abandon this team. 



New Jersey Devils

 New Jersey DevilsCurrent Rank: 30 | Previous Rank: 25 | -5

Meanwhile, Kovy and his translator are looking over the CBA, making sure that he's still being paid despite the team's poor performance thus far.