Michael DeNicola



I'm not sure what's re-aggravated Pronger's hand injury he suffered in last Thursday's game against the Leafs, but it's enough to sideline him for tonight's match up against......well, the Leafs. 

This is in no way a bash at Chris, but when I heard the news I just about said, "Well that f*cking figures". 


This team's in the midst of getting back on a winning streak and one of our biggest leaders and effective players will be rooting from the press box. 

Technically Pronger's scratched due to an "Upper-Body Injury" but unless he got decked crossing the street by Dudge Dredd on his flying police vehicle then it's gotta be his hand. 

Kyle Scott, from CrossingBroad.com, makes a good point by highlighting the fact he's sustained this injury awhile ago, played a few games between it and now, but it's obviously become such an issue.....and that's a problem.


I haven't heard any word (about the bird?) on him getting x-rays, but I'm sure that's the next step. He DID get an x-ray after the said game, but it cameback negative. Wonder if anything's changed?



Nick Boynton will make his first start as a Flyer this evening filling in for Pronger.