Michael DeNicola


I'm not trying to take sides over this matter because, A) I've never been a professional athlete, and B) I am not nor have I ever had a press pass or interviewed one of our Flyers. 

So this whole tiff between Mike Richards and the Philadelphia sports media is like theater to a guy like me. I am, however, a handsome and amazingly talented young man in my 20's, so I understand why Richards is vacationing in sunny, beautifully weathered Cabo with Jeff Carter and Dan Carcillo during their off-season. 


Crossing Broad reported that Richards answered a few questions from beat writer, Chuck Gormley over the phone -- a mission so few have been successful at lately given the circumstances and relationship between our Captain and the Press.  

Maybe Mike was feeling loose enough to "break his silence" because of the time spent away from the game. Maybe it was his fifth or sixth Hurricane drink that aided in the removal of the plastic bubble between him and the outside world. 

I'm guessing it's the latter mixed with sun-scorched sand, crystal blue oceans, and a sea of young, easy girls. 


The good news about all this is that Mike is currently out of a cast and only sporting a splint on his injured wrist. He also goes into detail about a number of highlighted issues that remain up in the air and questionable. 

Thanks for your time, Richie. Now rest up, heal up, and don't aggravate that wrist while you "phone in Tokyo" on a lucky lady later tonight. 


Full CB story here