Michael DeNicola


26-April (10:41am) - News broke this morning of an arrest warrant for Philadelphia Captain, Mike Richards, just hours prior to puck drop in Game 7 of the Flyers / Sabres QuarterFinals series.

Lead NHL Disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, was convinced the boarding infraction Richards put on Sabres forward, Tim Connolly, Easter Sunday afternoon in Game 6 never warranted any further suspension or fine. 

Buffalo's head coach, Lindy Ruff, was absolutely furious once he heard of the disciplinary board's decision and had this to say to the PhillyReign press --

"It's terrible," Ruff mentioned, "You spend all season long believing the league wants away with these sort of things out there. When something like this happens and the league does nothing about it then it's just very, very confusing."


Ruff finished his interview by making it clear he's contacted both Philadelphia and Buffalo police and successfully got a warrant for our Captains detainment out on the PD wire.

"Hell, if the Canadiens can attempt it, why can't I?" Lindy said, "Only this time I'm successful."


You may recall back on October 9th, 2009, Mike Richards put a head hunting hit on Florida Panther star, David Booth, at center ice leaving Booth sprawled out and unconscious.

Later that evening, Mike was charged and incarcerated. 

"I don't believe this is anything close to what happened between David and I," Richards said through a secured line from a phone booth at an unknown location, "But I will say this....I aint goin' back to the big house."

When asked if he'd return to Philadelphia for the Do Or Die Game 7, Richards replied, "You bet Ruff's candy ass I'll be there. If Snoop Dogg can show up at the music awards with policemen waiting for him back stage I can definitely do something similar."


Lindy hasn't stopped at Richards. He's currently trying his best to have some of the blame placed on the shoulders of Colin Campbell who is unreachable at the moment. He was last seen stealing Pat Sajak's wheel off the set of Wheel Of Fortune and printing many, many cards reading, "1 Game", "2 Games", "3 Games", "That's My Son", and "Was He Injured?"


Buffalo residents have been asked by local police departments to cease their acts of vigilantism and remain in their homes. Thousands of angry Sabres fans have flocked to the Philadelphia city streets in search of Mike Richards, but so far.....no success. 

One Sabres fan decided against sweeping the Orange & Black cement jungle and kept his investigation north of Philadelphia in the Poconos area. What followed was what might have been a terrifying Richards sighting for the Buffalo native. 

FOX News and PhillyReign.com caught up with the man earlier --