Michael DeNicola


Philadelphia's local ESPN radio station, 97.5 The Fanatic, ran a promotional "Dream Job" event which gave listeners their chance to record themselves and submit their video to the station in hopes to be the next man behind the mic.

More than 500 fans sent in 30 - 90 seconds of themselves explaining why they should be the next voice we hear coming out of our car speakers throughout our daily commutes. Yesterday (Thursday, August 11) the best 10 were chosen and are now competing for that very chance.

One of those lucky candidates? My co-worker and personal friend, Jason Ashworth, a 30 year old sports nut with the right attitude, voice and sports addiction to keep you in your driver's seat, parked in the driveway so you don't miss a second.  


Jason is no stranger to the public ear. Not only has he had a history of working with ESPN legends like Stephen A. Smith, but Jason's employed by the Philadelphia Soul as their On-Field EMCEE (see article's cover photo). There Ashworth pumps up the crowd between timeouts and quarters, along with quarterbacking the on-field promos.

His resume goes on and on -

  • In 2004, ESPN had a similar Dream Job event to become SportsCenter's next anchor. Out of 13,000 auditions, Jason finished 5th Overall. 
  • He worked as a producer for CSN Philly 2005 - 08.
  • And was once a sports reporter for Fox 43.

Jason is a natural charmer. A lady's man, so to speak. He's like a Barry White meets Bradley Cooper meets Jim Rome. But when he's not making the mirror blush, he can get into the thick of things with any sports discussion. 

Unlike myself, Jay's athletic combat talk is not limited to one sport. He'll breakdown the intricate detail of the Phillies lineup, and the next second convince you which defensive coverage the Eagles should strategize the week before that Sunday. 


Why does he have my vote? Not just because he's my friend. I have close friends who I wouldn't allow near toys small enough to swallow and choke on, let alone a microphone connected to the collected thought of our fair city. 

Jason's got my vote because the man knows his hockey. Though admittedly not his favorite athletic pastime, you'd never be able to tell the difference. I like to consider myself as a guy who knows more about hockey than the norm, so I'm always looking to get involved in challenging hockey shop. 

Jay doesn't miss a beat. 

As the surprising news about our Flyers moves shattered the broadcast outlets this off-season, Ashworth was right there to tell me what was stupid, what was smart, and what was set up to be a long-road management decision. 


It's no secret that the Flyers get less coverage on the AM-FM than a crappy teenage garage band's mailed-in single, but I guarantee you that Jason's down to paint the radio waves orange & black no matter what time of the year it is. Whether the salt trucks are taking care of the snow covered roads, or when Air Conditioning business is booming, Jason declares Open Season on Flyers hockey 24/7/365.

"You got my attention, Mike. What next?"

Starting next week, users should go to the Fanatic Dream Job tab on the 97.5 The Fanatic Facebook page for their chance to vote on who should move on to the final round and go toe-to-toe on Mike Missanelli's show with other top contestant to see who wins it all. 


Now it's up to listeners and fans to see which of these Top 10 make it through the barbed wire. Give my buddy Jason his chance to prove what I know he's got. No one will regret it.