Sir Joseph Bogle 


Newest Flyers net minder (and lightning rod of future criticism) Ilya Bryzgalov has started his own Goal tending Camp in his native city of Togliatti, Russia. Ilya achieved his hockey education in the school of the local hockey club Lada and began his career with them.

He is training 12 children in the art of goal tending. Asked why only 12, Ilya responded --

"I wouldn’t be able to pay personal attention to all children, wouldn’t be able to explain them the technique and game tactics thoroughly. I don’t want that! Let it be twelve people, but I will put my heart in it, all my knowledge and all my resources!"


While answering questions from reporters at Camp, Ilya is actually wearing a Flyers hat (which is refreshing for a Flyer), talking about the kids, Ilya has said --

"Children are the most precious of what we have and we have to try to pass onto them our skills. So that they can represent our motherland with dignity."


Another great reason why Hockey Players are the best (Most caring) athletes in the world. Players are always looking to give back to their community, whether it's their home town, or in the city where they play. Not only is this guy a Former Vezina Candidate, but he's also happy to play in this town and generally a "good guy."

This summer Ilya will be teaching the youngsters but hopes the Camp grows into something bigger in the future and will be joined by Penguins star Evgeni Malkin starting tomorrow.


Editor's Note: Michael Leighton has notified Bryz that he would like to help out at the Camp, but his calls haven't been returned.....