Sir Joseph Bogle


There was a time that I would get chills listening to Lauren Hart sing a duet with Kate Smith before Flyers games -- "God Bless America", nobody sang it better.

Now, it's time to retire the duet (Until a really huge game, Game 7 of the finals or whatever). Singing it before every playoff home game has now lost its charm. It isn't as 'special' as it used to be. Put it this way; singing it before every playoff home game is more-or-less the equivalent of eating filet mignon every night. Once in awhile you want pizza. Time to retire the Filet until those special times.

Plus, Kate was a good luck charm back in the '70s. We haven't won the Cup since the Disco era and her image is still seen performing the song. How is she good luck? Fans always mention that this team (and the GM) lives in the past with the team philosophy, well, fans do it too.

I know this won't be a popular subject but Lauren Hart deserves the spotlight. She's a cancer survivor, she has Flyers history on her side (Daughter of Flyers Hall of Famer, Gene Hart) she has opened for Sinatra and even performed our National Anthem for the movie "Miracle". She is qualified to do the song solo, even during playoff time.

Save the Hart/Smith Duet. How much 'extra special' would the duet had been after the death of Bin Laden if we hadn't heard the two since last seasons Final, instead of hearing it for the 4th time this playoff year?


God Bless America, Good Night and Good Hockey