Michael DeNicola



You want the play-by-play? Go look at the box score. I have some fish to fry here.


After last night's loss to the Lightning, this question begs an answer; What do we do about Saturday's game against the best team in the league according to the standings? Do we start a tired, confidence-broken Bobrovsky? Or a still ice cold Brian Boucher?

I even said a few articles back that I was worried Sergei was getting too many starts too early. Here we have a potential franchise goalie with quicker reflexes and post to post movement this league's virtually ever seen, and Peter Laviolette takes advantage of that by starting him for the 12th consecutive tilt last night.

Hate to say I told ya so, but yea....


Instead of peppering a few Boucher starts throughout the past 12 games, Laviolette's mind numbing decision making has put us in a very difficult place a day before meeting the high powered Capitals. 

Bobrovsky was pulled early in the game last night just after the 1st, stopping 8 of 11 shots. A cold Boucher substitute wasn't much better.

Was the loss the goaltenders' fault? Absolutely not.

The defense let up easy scoring chances to Bolts forward Steven Stamkos who managed to sniff out and bucket 3-goals for his second hat trick this season.

The Flyers lost a 2-goal lead three different times throughout the evening.

All in all, the defensive performance was disastrous, and Boosh and Bob paid for it. 


But still, my problem lies with the decision to use Bobrovsky's services between the pipes for the 12th game in a row. Complete mismanagement on Lavvy's part, if you ask me.

Not only is Bobrovsky tired, but now he's got to shake off the four pucks he let by him in the 20-minutes he played. How can an undrafted rookie overlook something like that without coming out of it with a damaged confidence?


There's no reason to panic. We're still 2nd in the Conference, but only a point ahead of the Montreal Canadiens, and three behind the Caps.

If we manage to suck it up defensively and keep this offense on a roll, we may be able to do some major damage Saturday night.

But who we sticking in net?


My vote leans torwards Sergei Bobrovsky.

Yea, I've been preaching like Al Sharpton for a week that Bob is getting overused. But right now, no matter how tired he is, he's still a better option than Boucher who remains colder than the ice he skated on last night (again, not Boucher's fault).

Besides, he's gotta build that confidence back up. And with a little effort from the goddamn defense, it's possible to do so in just one game. A game versus arguably the best group of forward lines in the league.

But then comes Monday when we welcome Montreal back to the Center for the first time since we treated them like a prison fish in the Eastern Conference Finals.

I'm sure you haven't forgotten how they shut us out just last Tuesday, right?

I may be getting ahead of myself, but -- WHO STARTS THEN!?!?


Why am I asking these questions? Because Laviolette's forced me to. He's forced the press to ask them as well.

In Peter's post game interview, a question came from the peanut crowd about Laviolette's concern giving Bobrovsky a rest. His reply?

"Bob had a rest. He rested yesterday," referencing how Sergei didn't play Wednesday since there was no game scheduled.

It's wiseass rebuttals like that that make the blood in my body boil through the skin.

You know DAMN well what that reporter meant, Lavvy! We're all concerned with when Bob's going to sit out the full 60-minutes. Not get battered on the scoreboard in the first 20, then pulled, asshole!


But look at it this way; in the next 2-games we're up against the very squad above us in the standings, and then the team knocking on our backdoor.

In a perfect world, you undoubtedly say Bobrovsky gets the nod. 

In the world Laviolette's created? Well......I dunno. I'd start Sergei, but I don't like it. He needs his rest.

And not one day between games, jerkoff [Lavvy]


Bobrovsky hasn't proven anything yet. He simply hasn't. What he's shown us is that he's got tremendous potential.

Tenders like Cam Ward, Ryan Miller, Martin Brodeur, and Roberto Luongo can make 10 - 15 consecutive starts easy. But these are PROVEN players.

Bob is still in his NHL fetal stage, and already he's being played like he has seasoned experience. I believe this is a mistake.

But it's just one game. ONE game. Perhaps this could be another test for Bobrovsky? How does he bounce back!? And especially....how is he going to answer against a team like the Capitals?