By: Tom Dougherty | @todougherty

February hasn’t been kind to the Philadelphia Flyers. They’ve seen an abundance of problems come to fruition, going 3-5-1 in the shortest month of the calendar year.

You name it; it’s been a problem recently for the Flyers, except for goal scoring. That hasn’t taken a hit—they scored 31 goals in nine games. Defensive zone play has been atrocious by both the defenseman and the forwards. The lack of physicality has become noticeably worrisome and their special teams have been ineffective.

But those ailments can all be cured, and with the recent additions of Nick Grossman and Pavel Kubina, some of that should been treated. We’ll see.

The terminal illness on the team appears to be their goaltending. What do we know, I mean, we are talking about the Philadelphia Flyers. You know that one franchise with a long history of goaltending woes since the glory days of Bernie Parent—OK, had to put one of those “Philadelphia media clichés” in there somewhere.

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