Michael DeNicola


There's nothing worse than a spoiled child who gets anything and everything he or she wants. You've seen an example of it before; A mother's shopping in a grocery aisle and their little spawn's kicking and screaming 'cause it wants the box of cereal with less fiber than a bronco size block of cheese and more sugar than what's hidden up Tony the Tiger's ass.


Then there's Slovakian native, Marian Hossa and his doormat parent, the NHL. 

Last night the 2010 Stanley Cup Champs took on the St. Louis Blues. Despite being down 2 - 0 almost halfway through the 2nd period, Chicago made a strong rush in their opponent's zone. What soon followed winded up being the worst call this sports blogger's seen all season

St. Louis' Netminder, Ty Conklin had his crease bulled on by several Hawks until the puck made its way in front of his open net. At that point, Marian Hossa lifted his skate in a blatant kicking motion and connected with the rubber sending it trailblazing along the goaline. 
































































Now obviously you cannot distinguish between a kicking motion or if the puck just so happened to go off Hossa's skate once it was centered in front of Conklin's net just judging from the photos above, but if you watch the video then there's absolutely no argument. None. 

I've seen David Akers take less off his boot during one of his 50+ yard field goals. 

But let's put aside the kicking motion for now and talk about how the puck never once crossed the line and into the cage.

Once again, a NHL official makes an absolutely horrendous call. He wasted no time throwing his arm forward marking the goal and, once again, that godawful Chelsea Dagger song raped its way through the United Center. As the goal horn and song sounded, and every newfounded Hawks fan clapped their hands along with the beat, the goal was sent to the War Room for review. 

Phew! That was close. I thought Chicago was going to get away with that o....

"The decision stands, it's a goal."

*cue bleeding of the ears*


So let me get this straight -- Not only does Dan O’Halloran (the official) miss Hossa's kicking motion and call a puck that never crossed the line a goal......but the league's War Room, filled with a half dozen or so Canadian suits, attentively looking at every split second of video...CALLED IT A GOAL AS WELL??????? Why? Because some dumbass dressed in pinstripes took a dump on a call and without "conclusive evidence" the call cannot be overturned.

So because it was initially called a goal, and (judging from that last picture I posted above) you cannot tell where the puck's positioned due to Conklin's glove....Hossa's gift wrapped piece of dogshit counts on the scoreboard.

“Do we really have to make it that obvious that the league wants them in?” ~ Ty Conklin, post game interview

That "potted" puck wound up being Chicago's spark to make a comeback, and ultimately won the tilt in overtime. Disgusted with the very league that employs him, Conklin skated off the ice quickly after (who else) Capt. Jonathan Toews netted the OT winning goal.


It's not enough that Hossa leap frogged from Pittsburgh, to Detroit, and then to Chicago in three consecutive years to make sure he was on a strong, Cup contending team....but he got exactly what he wanted against our Flyers last season. Which just makes matters worse.

There isn't an ounce of team spirit in that douchebag. I'm not even sure he knows what a teammate is.

"Isn't that what you call the guy who dials another team's GM to get you on their roster?"

No, Hossa. That's your agent.


And yet again this scumbag hitchhiking his way up and down Route NHL finds another undeserved gold brick hiding beneath his down-pillow.