Michael DeNicola



I apologize for not getting this article off the ground after this past weekend's game versus the Penguins. It wasn't a matter of being lazy, but let's just call it a length of time in order for me to cool down.

The Flyers went into Saturday's game against the Penguins with something to prove. They had lost 4 games in a row and were looking to show their division rivals that a win over Philly is no easy task. Yet they did not succeed.

The Orange Soldiers lost to Sidney Crosby and the rest of his catered squad, 5 goals to 1.

One who did not watch the game would look at this score and imagine that the Flyers were blown out, but I say it was just the opposite. What's on paper and what really went on are completely different stories.

Despite Aaron Asham slipping a bouncing puck past Pittsburgh goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury, early in the first period, it was the only goal the Flyers managed to score......well, the only goal that counted.

For the second game this season against the Penguins Simon Gagne had another goal waved off that should not have been. Referee Dan Marouelli, who initially signaled it a goal, blatantly took time to look at the replay on the scoreboard and decided to reverse the call due to incidental contact on Fleury by Flyers forward, Ville Leino.

"The call was even more curious because the referees ruled that incidental contact nullified the goal - but in looking at the play again, Fleury was well in front of the goal crease. Technically, incidental contact with the goaltender outside of the crease is allowed to occur, and therefore the goal should have counted." ~ http://flyers.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=35835&navid=DL|PHI|home

This was not the only incident during the game that got me thinking that the NHL and the officials continuously have the backs of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

- Fleury later in the game threw his stick to check a puck which is illegal and should have resorted to a penalty shot, but you guessed it, the call was never made.

- NHL's pampered princess, Sidney Crosby, put a check on Scott Hartnell against the boards which resulted in a 2 minute penalty for Hartnell for some unknown reason....I still have no idea why. Hartnell never raised his stick, or got physical with Crosby during or after the hit. I'm guessing Sidney might have bruised his uterus on the check, so the officials HAD to call Scotty on it.

- Penguin forward, Matt Cooke, and Flyers D-man, Ryan Parent, got tangled up together while playing a puck behind the Philadelphia net and Cooke fell to the ice with Parent's stick wrapped under his arm pit and never let go. This resulted in Parent having to let the stick go in order to get back into defensive position. That incident happened right in front of an official yet the penalty was never called on Cooke. Instead, the scumbag managed to gain position in front of the net seconds later and score a goal. 

I could go on and on, but then I'd sound like I was just making more excuses. But something fishy is going on. It's really hard to be a Flyers fan and NOT believe that the NHL has it in for us.

Maybe I'm right about the "NHL vs Flyers" conspiracy, maybe I'm just a bitter Philadelphia fan. However there is one thing I do know and that is I am just seconds away from flying out to Toronto and standing in front of NHL headquarters to protest. I'll make signs, read pages and pages of written speeches through a mega phone, dress like Bettman and have my way with a Sidney Crosby doll on the side of the road, I'll do it all damn it!