Michael DeNicola



So the question's gone out on the wire numerous times. It's been asked recently more than for a hot chick's telephone number at the bar.

Brian Boucher, or Sergei Bobrovsky?


I could sit here and bore you to tears with number crunching, stats, and performance percentages, but let's look at it from a fan's perspective and leave math class aside.

From what I've watched this season and seasons prior, Brian Boucher is a perfectly capable back up net tender. And let's not overlook he's the only NHL goalie in league history to have back-to-back-to-back-to-back shutouts.

But let's face it -- Boucher is the epitome of streaky. The man has his hot runs like a food poisoned prisoner. Now, I love Boucher. I do. And if you remember, I have called him out countless times on PhillyReign. I mean I really broke his balls, so you can take my love for what it's worth and a grain of salt.

The fact is he's all Philly. He pours his heart and soul into his performances between the pipes whether he's successful or not. However, diehard heart and soul doesn't always put a 'W' on the board.

What's our alternative? Fresh rookie Sergei Bobrovsky who started out this season looking like this franchise's saving grace only to become exposed for his top-shelf weakness.

Both of these goalies are without a doubt capable of getting the job done, which has been blatantly proven. But if the blue lines in front of them fail to gel together for 20, 40 or 60 minutes one night....the question is; Who do you want stopping pucks?


If you're asking for my opinion, then it's got to be Boucher for now. When Boosh is on a hot streak, it's HOT. On the other hand, the following question arises; When's this streak going to end? Because you KNOW it is.

Boucher had a save on Saturday against Vladimir Zharkov that would make a Flyers fan crap his heart while simultaneously make him spunk in his Levi's. It's hard to overlook that regardless whatever Hot Or Not performances Brian dishes out one evening and the next, he's always making saves like these.

That puck goes in....we got a momentum changer on our hands, not to mention a game tying goal.

But what about Bobrovsky? We've all seen that kid move faster in the crease than Courtney Love on a flask of Jim Beam. His pipe to pipe movements have been quoted "the likes this league's never seen".

Okay, I made that up.

Anyhoo, this predicament comes down to one thing; Who's the hot hand, and who is more experienced?

For now, that answer's Brian Boucher. A lot of fans have been giving the 34 year old veteran some love, but they've also wondered when Bobrovsky's going to get his next start. I say, for now, don't worry about that. Why?

This is a great problem to have.

Look at it this way; We could be Tampa Bay! A team who's got more issues in net than they're comfortable with. While our Flyers are asking, "which good goaltender should we start?"

So things could be worse.

Maybe you agree with me. Maybe you're suggesting Bobrovsky should get peppered in between Boucher's starts. In either case, I'm always looking forward to a win...


....and again, that's a damn good problem to have.