Sir Joseph Bogle


It's that time of year again....No, not training camp (Yet). It's time to look for changes to increase scoring without using soccer nets on ice.


Some of the new rules that's being worked out in Development Camp are solid


The Hybrid Icing, for instance.....needs to be added. It saves players from career ending injuries and still leaves in the (sometimes) exciting race between two skaters from opposing teams. How this rule hasn't been implemented yet is beyond me. 


Getting rid of the trapezoid behind the goalies nets. It's a silly rule. It took away any advantage a goalie would have if he had some puck handling skills. Imagine telling Ronny Hextall he can't play the puck outside that little triangle behind his net and it's a penalty if he tries to play the puck in the corner? Well, I'm not telling him.


After off sides, the face off is moved to the opposing teams' end and no change can happen. Okay, this might work. Keeps the attackers honest.


But some of these rules are awful. I dunno, like --

No icing while shorthanded? C'mon, a guy is in the box for two minutes for a borderline hold and now his teammates have to just chip the puck out of their zone instead of just shooting it down the ice? I guess the brass at the NHL feel there's not enough whistles during a game and love those face offs. How bout we just take the sticks out of the shorthanded teams hands?


Overtime...4 on 4, then 3 on 3? No thanks, I think it's just a silly way to end games.. Well, sillier than ending a game on a skills competition? Okay you got me.




I have some new rules that I feel could help the NHL in the future. Ready? Rules like --

Get rid of the instigator!!!! Head injuries and major high sticks will DECREASE if you get rid of this stupid rule. If Matt Cooke is held accountable of his actions by the goon on the opposing squad, he might think twice again about pulling any shenanigans. 


Allow goals to be scored from kicking. Yea, I said it. You ever try to kick a puck? It isn't easy. It takes skill. Allow kicks for goals.. Hey, you want your NHL with more scoring, make it happen! I see Hartnell with at least 30 goals this year from kicking. #DOOP


Get rid of the extremely hard shoulder and elbow pads. This equipment is causing the concussions. Though not really a rule, it could help the NHL in the long run.


Okay, my last rule isn't a Fox Trax rule.. My idea is to put a small device in each puck so that the Goal Judges in Toronto would know exactly where each puck is, whether it's in the net, or under a black pant leg but can't see it.. You want to get the calls right? Do this.

Okay, I think I've taken up enough of your time with my drivel...

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