Michael DeNicola



Well it certainly wouldn't be the Holiday Season without the traditional Flyers slump.

Tonight the Flyers went down against the Boston Bruins 3 - 0, allowing old-balls Tim Thomas the shutout. His....3rd or 4th of the season. I dunno. I'm too depressed to give a shit.

You know what would have been better to watch than this pile of vomit? A horse getting castrated. At least the horse would of kicked and gave some effort not to get his yambag snipped.


Code Orange took to the ice and began the 1st period on a high energy note. That ceased once Bruins forward, Patrice Bergeron, walked one in on Sergei Bobrovsky.

Okay, okay, we're only down one lit lamp, six minutes in. We can comeback from this, certainly.

Ten laps from the minute-hand later 2nd Overall 2010 NHL Draft Pick, Tyler Seguin, lifted the twine behind Bob to put the Bruins up 2-goals to our goose egg.

That's when my skin began to itch.

It didn't take long after that before the ogre-resembling, Jody Shelley, dropped mitts and began a tilt with Shawn Thornton. Jody got a few good hammers in and did his best to light a fire under the Flyers bench, but not even that seemed to work.


The 2nd Period went by like a game of Fat Camp Dodgeball; lots of nothing, EXCEPT when Andrew Ference hooked Scott Hartnell on a breakaway rewarding him a penalty shot. 

Scott began from the center circle and immediately looked uncomfortable with the puck. There's a reason you never see this guy in OT Shoot Outs -- because he's as good for burning one past a stopper as a blind man's good for giving you play-by-play of a Reading Rainbow episode.

Needless to say, Scotty was unsuccessful potting the rubber on Thomas and led the Flyers into the second intermission still down by a deuce.


But don't fret. The Flyers are notorious for making a run and scoring in the 3rd, right?


Nope. Instead we pulled Sergei late in the period which gave Milan Lucic an easy open netter, solidifying the win and shut out, 3 - 0.


*  *  *


You wanna talk chances? Philadelphia went 0 - 5 on the Power Play, and failed to sink a Penalty Shot.

You wanna talk shots? Tim Thomas stopped all 41 of ours.

We had the opportunities. We had the energy in the 1st. We just could not finish.

It didn't help that Thomas made a handful of gorgeous saves that noticeably weakened our players' confidence and heated their frustration, but the Flyers also couldn't get their playmaking chemistry under control. It was sloppy hockey on both ends of the ice.

The dump-and-chase was their only strategy and it failed miserably time and time again.


All in all, I gave it a D-, and the only thing saving it from a complete failure was the amounts of times we tested Thomas and Bobrovsky's 29-for-31, .935 SV%.


I'm overreacting. We're still in very good position in the standings, but when is it time to forget about what seat we're occupying in the Conference and begin worrying about how we've been playing recently and how THAT is going to affect the next upcoming games?

This weekend starting Saturday afternoon we begin another back-to-back series against the Devils and Islanders which gives us a perfect opportunity to redeem the piss poor performances we've left on the ice as of late.



Below you'll notice a tribute to That '70s Show character, Red Foreman. Maybe the Flyers need this man in the locker room between periods?