Sir Joseph Bogle

This is written in response to Pittsburgh's own Mark Madden and his "JUDAS" article in regards to - you guessed it - Jaromir Jagr signing with the good ol' Broad Street Bullies.


Mr. Madden -

I understand you are very bitter about the situation with the Penguins and the newest acquisition by the Flyers of Jaromir Jagr. How quickly do you forget what the man has done for your city, and your team. I understand that he told Mario that he would sign with the Pens for the League minimum so he can retire in Pittsburgh and the Pens fans were about to throw him a huge parade.

Funny, last few times Jaromir was in Pittsburgh playing against your beloved Pens, the Pens fans let him hear how much they adored the man;

"Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo", is what Jagr heard every time he touched the puck just because he was wearing a different colored sweater as he was playing a game. Trashing his legacy. Now you don't understand why he chose not to play for the team in Black and Yellow?

Marky, when are you and other fans ever going to realize that players DO NOT see it the same way as fans? As much as we would love it to happen, a Flyers player will never hate Sidney Crosby as much as a fan in the second level. As much as you would love it, no Pens player would hate Scott Hartnell as much as the fan in the upper deck. As much as you want Evgeni Malkin to hate Alexander Ovechkin, it doesn't happen.


I also understand you are a former wrasslin' announcer. Your job is to rile up the fans, get them enthused, Brother.

Here is what I don't understand -- Max Talbot scores two HUGE goals against the Wings in the Cup finals clincher, stars in horrible car commercials in the Pittsburgh area and now you are telling Max to go F himself?

Is that how it works Marky? Because Max is wearing a different color sweater you just trash his 'legacy' like you'd trash that old pair of socks?

John LeClair who was LOVED in this city and still is, put on a Penguins sweater, NO FLYERS FAN ever said "F John LeClair".

So Mark Madden, don't worry, Flyers fans will take good care of Max and Jaromir while they're wearing their orange and black sweaters. You just worry about Crosby staying healthy or whether Mr Fuji will throw salt into the eyes of an opponent when the referee isn't looking, Brother.


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Editor's Update:

Mark was so kind to answer our email to him. He's one professional son of a gun. 

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