Michael DeNicola


Pardon this game review's tardiness. Afterall, we here at PhillyReign are Flyers fans, not professional sports writers. So after we witnessed that 2.5 hour rape scene from OZ on Saturday, it hurt a bit too much to just dive into writing about it. 

By now I'm sure you've read one or two articles covering the stats and post-game interviews. Apparently each Flyer behind the mic agreed on one thing; "We sucked". 

What an understatement. 


Going into this series it was blatantly clear that Boston has size. And it seemed as if head coach Peter Laviolette missed that memo because he spent the 60 minutes of regulation matching up some of our more smaller lines with the Bruins' bigger ones. Tons of mismatches that made Laviolette look foolish. 

Not only did the black and gold tear through our front like a finger through wet toilet paper, but our defense was wrecked like a Big Mac on the set of The Biggest Loser

“We let them get behind us,” Briere said. “An area they’re strong at is getting to the net. We got outworked in front of the net, and they were able to find a few rebounds and put it past our goalies.”


"Our goalies"

Two words I am sure each and every one of us is so sick of hearing we'd rather spend an hour chatting with Jehovah's witnesses than ever hear it again this post season. 

Much to our getting used to, Boucher started in net and Bobrovsky finished. Once again our goal mouth turned into a revolving door. But it wasn't all Boosh's fault, the whole team looked like crap. 

We overskated, underskated, got outhit, lost most of the key face-offs, allowed too many bodies in the crease and looked like spooked chickens in the neutral zone. 


Overall it was a bloody mess of elements. Everything went wrong at exactly the same time and the Bruins were able to capitalize on every single second of it. 

“There’s a lesson to be learned from tonight’s game,” Timonen said. “It doesn’t matter what happened a week ago or yesterday. It looked like we were still ready to enjoy the Buffalo series, and it’s over. There’s nothing we can do about that anymore. But now we can move on. 

 “Today was probably the worst game we played for a long time. The good thing is, tomorrow’s tomorrow, we’re going to watch tape, and Monday’s a new game.”


Although there were a couple dozen reasons for me to be pissed about Saturday's tilt, one thing still has me scratching my head and wondering if Laviolette truly understands the decisions he makes. 

Now, before I get into it let me declare what we all already know; I am not a hockey genius. I am not a hockey coach. I wouldn't know how to coach hockey if I had the Idiot's Guide in front of me. So I'm only posting this question because I have no idea what the answer is. I cannot fathom a logical response....


....why is Peter dressing Rinaldo? WHY!?!?!

I can respect the kid's intensity, but this isn't mid-season or training camp. It is not a time for experiments. If you need that physical component on the 4th line then why not start Jody Shelley? Or even Ben Holmstrom!?!? 

What is it that Lavvy sees in Rinaldo that gives him reason enough to start him in the Stanley Cup Playoffs with lesser NHL experience than John Wayne had in a hair salon?

Again, I don't know what goes on behind the orange curtain. And neither do most of you. But unless Zac Rinaldo's hiding photos of Laviolette satisfying a barnyard animal, I really see no reason to start him. Especially if he's only getting 4 or 5 minutes a game. Do SOMETHING with that roster spot other than waste it. 



Tonight our boys hit home ice for Game 2 versus the Bruins. After Saturday's nightmare, I really have no idea what to expect. The pillaging Boston put on us was so terrifyingly horrible that it has shook the very foundation of my faith in this team's ability to get it done. 

They [the Flyers] knew going into this series how important it was to battle hard down low in our zone, yet (according to some postgame interviews) they made it out to be like they didn't prepare themselves quite hard enough?

Sorry, you'll have to excuse my attitude because prior to Saturday's puck drop I assumed all of Philadelphia was aware that that was the key to the Flyers' success or demise. 

Together - you and I - we hope our Bullies prove that Game 1 was a fluke and something like that will never happen again.