By Tom Dougherty | @todougherty

There was once a time when the Philadelphia Flyers were known for taking runs at goalies, throwing hissy fits and starting scrums when things weren’t going right. The nickname the “Broad Street Bullies” was coined and that reputation has been with the orange and black since its creation.

The Bullies were known for beating up their opponents, and their team toughness. But the Flyers in the ‘70s weren’t just goons. They were a group of talented hockey players with grit and toughness no other team could match. Even the Soviet Union, one of the most dominating forces the game of hockey has ever known.

They were the only Stanley Cup champions in franchise history.

In 2012, the Flyers are still recognized around the league as goons. They have a reputation which is hard to shed, and the officials buy into it. There are times penalties are called against the Flyers because the color of the jersey is orange.

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