Michael DeNicola


It's August. And to a hockey fan, it's one of the slowest, most deadbeat months of the year. The last full 31-day period of anticipation until the puck drops at training camp and some pre-seasonal tilts in September.

For those who can get their fix from baseball and the beginnings of their Fantasy Football Leagues...more power to you. But there's many of us who have the clanging sound of rubber hitting the pipes, punches connecting, and goal horns sounding in our brains. Echoing like a clap in a vacant hallway.

The itch for the return of our icy love is never more prolonged than it is in this month. Seconds turn into days, and the page on our calendar stares us in the face....mocking us....watching each bead of sweat creep downward from our brow to chin.

What's a Flyers hockey fan to do?



Forget StubHub. Forget eBay and Craigslist. Forget the ticket scalpers, Frank & Larry, who hang outside the Wells Fargo Center offering you a couple of fake tickets for $50 more than the listed asking price.

Recently a new online ticket agency called TiqIQ.com has hit the sports market with their feet running. Generally if I'm looking for tickets to an upcoming Flyers game, I'd search StubHub or possibly call a Philadelphia Flyers ticket rep.

Not anymore.

I apologize if I'm coming off like some screaming infomercial douchebag, but TiqIQ was brought to my attention weeks ago. When I checked out their site I was seriously blown away. What separates this business from the others is that TiqIQ is an aggregator; They present all the ticket buying options out there, as opposed to a single seller, so there's no question you're receiving the absolute cheapest price.

Can you afford to drop a boat load of cash on seats to our city's sporting events? Neither can I. But I also can't go an entire Flyers season without making it to at least 5 - 10 home games. I'm either looking for the biggest bang for my buck, or hiding in a player's BAUER bag as he enters the arena.

And seeing as it's quite impossible to squeeze my hefty ass in a hockey bag unnoticed, my only option is the former idea.


One of the other features that's got me hooked to TiqIQ is the "view from your seat" they've introduced once you drag your computer's curser over the desired seating section. I can't remember ever seeing this feature from any other site.

Now if only they could show me who I'd be sitting next to...

Technology will have to wait.


I've been spouting off about Flyers tickets, but TiqIQ.com offers sports fanatics tickets to MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, Soccer, MMA, WWE, Boxing, and even musical events.

Purchasing the admission tickets is just as easy and safe. Comparable to any other ticket selling platform out there. 

Once you've decided on a section and seat(s), you click "BUY" and the seller's webpage pops up in another browser window.

TiqIQ directs you and your wallet to exactly what your bank account will allow you to spend.

If I want the chance to catch a foul ball, TiqIQ will get me in the cheapest seat. If I want to witness Ilya Kovalchuk prove he's a wasted pile of money from behind the glass, this site puts me and my middle finger in his face with tons of cash leftover in my pockets to potentially bail myself out of jail.

Point is, I know a lot of you can't afford the season tickets. I know a lot of you bleed your favorite hometown team's colors. I know a lot of you have been bent over the sawhorse by this country's economy.

While the stress of your everyday American life can be a drag, let TiqIQ be a small saving grace with your ticket purchases.

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go dye my Billy Mays beard the proper shade of black.