Tyler J. Altemose

Oh, boy. This is too juicy.

Apparently, Flyers captain Mike Richards isn't too fond of the reporting CSN Philly's Tim Panaccio has been doing. And he's speaking out about it via Twitter.

It all started with an article published by Panaccio. In the article, Panaccio references his questioning of head coach Peter Laviolette on his relationship with the team's captain.

"'If you ask me a question if we were talking at the end of the season, the answer is, 'yes.' I have a relationship with Mike and I think it is something we can work on over time.'

And that in itself is illuminating.

Because in the almost two seasons Laviolette has been here, the relationship between himself and Richards – who can be moody and withdrawn – is still not developed." 

Earlier this afternoon, Richards tweeted the following:

Yowza! Tell 'em how you really feel, Richie!

Panaccio, not completely willing to let this one slide, decided to "take the high road" and he tweeted the following:

Then things get interesting (and uncomfortable). (Yeah, this isn't really even the best part, so you might as well get comfortable.)

CSN's Sarah Baicker (Tim's colleague), Geoff Detweiller and Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey, and Sam Carchidi of Philly.com all got into it via twitter.

Where does Philly Reign fall into this mess? Well, we're the assholes who are going to streamline this shit so all of you lovely fans can take it all in at one place.

Don't say we never did nothin' fer ya!

It all started as Travis responded to Panaccio's response.

Then Geoff got involved.

On, snap! The infamous "One-Two Broad Street Hockey Punch"!

Enter, Miss Baicker.

Now, Sarah says she's not defending Panaccio here. She actually says it two or three times altogether, so she seems pretty adamant about her position. Like here, for example.

But I don't know. If I saw my colleague get called out I'd have a natural reaction to respond, whether or not I knew that person could defend themself. So, yes. She says she isn't defending him. But in a funny way, she kind of is.

Anyhow, what say you, gentlemen of Broad Street Hockey?

Yeah, Sarah! What Travis said!

Well, do you know, Travis?

Oh. Um, okay. Sarah, he doesn't know what you're talking about, actually.

And apparently neither does Geoff. Sarah, defend yourself. Go!

Ah, a two-parter! Damn Twitter and your character limitations!

Meanwhile, Sam Carchidi published this article about the Flyers' injury revelations and Homer's defense of Richards as captain. In it he included this gem:

"Richards sometime seemed emotionally detached this season. He did not make himself available to the media on Monday or Tuesday. He said he will talk on Wednesday."

Geoff Detweiler took exception to the comment.

When I say that Geoff took exception to the comment, I mean he really took exception to it.

According to Geoff, this whole scenario played out like it did because Panaccio was "starting shit" and Carchidi was "stealing a phrase" (assumingly to perpetuate the "shit" Panaccio was starting).

There was more senseless bickering amongst the aforementioned individuals. At the end of the day, it seemed to be something that everyone sort of just dropped. No resolution was to be found (at least I couldn't find one).

So at the end of the day we have a beat reporter calling the team captain "moody and withdrawn", said team captain responding, the beat reporter "taking the high road" (my quotes), two guys from a reputable hockey blog arguing semantics with yet another beat reporter (who isn't defending the first beat reporter, allegedly) over the difference between fact and opinion and when each is acceptable, and a guy from a reputable hockey blog calling out yet another beat reporter for "starting shit." Again, all of this with little to no resolution.