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Winchester vs Carter: A Shock to Us All

Prior to the Flyers sealing the final score 6 - 2, the remaining 8-minutes turned into a blood bath. The first scrum to start it all off was after Claude Giroux came screaming into the Flyers defensive zone and took out Jesse Winchester along the half-boards as he was handling the puck.

With very little chance of making a miracle comeback in the little time that was left, the alternative for the Sens was to turn this tilt into a fist throwing circus.

Fine by the Flyers.

Once Giroux was rushed for his diesel check on Winchester, the boys in orange circled the wagons around the scrum and tried picking the white jerseys off of the young Philly talent. As Jesse lifted himself up off the ice he grabbed a hold of Jeff Carter who was coming in to do his part. When these two dropped mitts it was quite a surprise. I don't remember Carter fighting before but apparently he has once. Nevertheless, here he is tied up with Winny on a one-on-one bout.

Although Jeff took a few pops to the face from Winchester's jabbing hand, he still managed to stay on his feet and keep his composure. However, the decision easily goes to Winchester after Carter won the take down. He simply let Jeff's jaw have it while Carter's thrown punches seemed to do very little.

I still tip my cap to a non-fighter type like Jeff Carter.


Nick Foligno vs Claude Giroux's Hair

I'm all for players tossing the gloves to the ice every now and again, especially when they usually don't fight at all.

We saw it with Jeff Carter, and now with 3:49 remaining...Nick Foligno ask Giroux to come answer for his hit on Winchester earlier. And answer he did!

The tilt began with these two squaring off on the opposite end of play. The collar lock ups were immediate and so were the punches. Giroux was more on the defensive but still connected with a swing or two. He took similar jabs to the jaw and cheek bone like Carter did with Winchester.

What distracted me the entire time was Giroux's hair. It was like watching Pippy Long Stocking ride a paint shaker.

And even though Giroux also got the take down, I'm sad to report I believe Foligno's got the decision on this bout.


Three's Company....Only Less Breasts and More Fists <--- Gross

All at once six pairs of gloves were parted from their players.

The video begins with Jarkko Ruutu and Hartnell discussing their fight before the puck dropped. Once the linesman let that disc go, Ruutu and Harts squared off.

I am more than happy with Scotty's performance lately, so I can only laugh at the outcome of this fight.

Captain Gravity once again lives up to his name by standing on his skates for about 3-seconds of the tilt before tripping to the frozen floor like a staggering drunk in a potato sack race. Very little amounts of fists thrown. Even less be the judge....


Ottawa's tough guy, Matt Carkner, has been praised being the NHL's best fighter. Although we didn't get to see it against our own Jody Shelley, Carkner decided to follow Ruutu's lead, grab ahold of a Flyer and start lowering booms. That Flyer was Sean O'Donnell.

There isn't much video of these two, however Ottawa's sportscasters claim Sean rolled right up into a turtle position as Carkner continued to ground and pound. Be as it may, maybe O'Donnell made the smart decision to duck out of this one seeing as how I cannot picture him fairing well against a guy like Carkner. And I don't blame Matt for taking on a player like Sean because O'Donnell's seen his share of tilts, he's a vet and knows how it works, and he's not exactly a small guy. When I shook O'Donnell's hand when I met him it was like placing my digits into an inflated straight jacket.

Winner? O'Donnell's face.


NOW! The grand finale of them all!

While Hartnell was busy doing his impression of a newborn calf and O'Donnell was rubbing his Rosaries, Jody Shelley and Chris Neil went at it like the Bloods and Crypts.

Neil is noticably smaller than Shelley and naturally has a shorter reach, but the punk held in there. Between each sock to the dome, Shelley looked like he was asking if Neil had enough. When Neil answered with a swing instead of a few words....Shelley was happy to snarle and rebuttal with a haymaker or two. I'm confident saying that Jody had no problem breaking Chris down like a wet cardboard box. You can say Neil got a few jabs in but that's like saying you farted in the face of a man with no nose....aint gonna do jack shit.

Decision goes to Shelley, easily.