Michael DeNicola



Hartnell vs Bickell: Wait, huh?

Minutes into the 1st period a little scrum between Scotty and Bryan Bickell stirred up along the benches. Only problem is the broadcasting director took his sweet ass time to cut to a camera actually filming the fight.

Everything was missed. Ya heard the rise from the crowd but by the time we television viewers saw anything, Bickell had Hartnell in a bear hug from behind. That tilt ended quicker than a 16-year old boy's first lay.

No decision. That fight sucked.


Carcillo vs Dowell: Danny Rises a Zombie

After Jeff Carter put the Flyers up 1- 0, things began getting feisty. With a little over 6-minutes remaining in the 2nd, Dan Carcillo and Jake Dowell dropped mitts in an instant along the corner boards.

Carbomb wasted no time with throwing fists.

Dowell took some of Danny's quickest and hardest punches to the sides and back of his head. He managed to once connect with Carcillo's face which lead Dan to bleed like an open artery, but all in all, it was Carcillo's fight.

Once the two were separated, Carcillo rose from the ice with chunky Kool-Aid all over his lips, chin and sweater. There was even blood on the glass which I haven't seen in......well, EVER! Some believe just because Dowell opened Danny's skin that Dowell won the tilt.

Hell no.

Carcillo may have been cut, but it was Jake who was seeing stars after that get together.

Decision, Carcillo.