Michael DeNicola



I don't know WHAT is in the water at Pinehurst Golf Course, but it certainly did the trick for our Flyers.

Since Philadelphia last left the ice on Sunday evening versus the Capitals, they have made their way south to Raleigh, NC to get ready to take on the Hurricanes Thursday night.

Within that short break, Laviolette gave the team some time to wind down and hit the links.

Apparently the Scottish pastime and some mellow hanging out is exactly what our Orange crew needed.


From the very beginning to the sweet end the Flyers played with more energy and skill than I have seen thus far this season. It wasn't nine minutes into the 1st period when Danny Briere put Philadelphia on top, 1 - 0 with a backhanded shot past the 'Canes net tender, Cam Ward.

From then on, the Flyers put on a clinic.

The Carolina goal experienced so much Bully gunfire that Ward must of felt like Sonny from The Godfather when he was set up at the tollbooth.

Before Briere bucketed the teams' first, it didn't help that Scott Hartnell's goal was taken away after a War Room review declared a kicking motion from Scott's skate, but virtually every shot from a Flyers stick seemed to nail the pipes and crossbar sending PING sounds echoing throughout the RBC Center.

However, after the first goal went in....it was all gravy train and it wasn't making any stops.


The 1st Star of the night can be split between two players, in my opinion. Jeff Carter and Sergei Bobrovsky stand out the most with Carter's second career hat trick, and Sergei's thirty-five unbelievable saves.

Danny Briere punched in two, Claude Giroux had two assists giving him his eighth and ninth assists so far this season, Richards potted a shorthanded goal and looks to be back to his old, gritty, playmaker self again, Hartnell wound up back handing the puck past Justin Peters later in the 3rd, and Nikolay Zherdev broke away with a pass from Andreas Nodl in the defensive zone and nonchalantly top-shelved the Flyers eighth and final goal of the tilt!!!

::deeeep breath; exhale::


So yea. To say the Flyers "put on a clinic" is like saying Donald Trump needs a new hairdo; quite the understatement.


Last season the Flyers were having trouble lighting the lamp two or three times a game. Recently they've scored more than Charlie Sheen on a binge drinking weekend!

It's unreal!


Just when Flyers-nation thought they couldn't love Russian newcomer, Sergei Bobrovsky, any more than they do....Bob puts out another performance that breaks that ceiling and leaves the fans wide eyed and speechless all over again.

Sergei went into the ninth minute of the 3rd period dishing a shutout until Chad LaRose finally gave the Hurricanes their first and only goal of the tilt.

I was so prepared to celebrate Bobrovsky's first NHL shutout not just because he's a rookie playing out of his mind, but because last night just so happened to be exactly 25 years since the beloved Philadelphia Flyers goaltender, Pelle Lindbergh, past away in an automobile accident.

Now I never had the luxury of witnessing any LIVE performances from Pelle, but being a 27-year old man and looking back at what he did on and off the ice, I am able to appreciate his memory greatly. And to have the quickest net tender this city's ever seen post his first shutout on the day we honor Lindbergh would be a moment I wouldn't forget even if I rolled on ecstasy for a month straight and ended it with a lobotomy.


*  *  *


After the Flyers went up 3 goals to 0 from a Jeff Carter snap shot, I began to get nervous this team wouldn't be able to play with the lead.

We saw Philly dominate a little something like this against the Buffalo Sabres who then began a bit of a rally when we went up a significant lead. I mean, I know we're a great squad (obviously) but I did not want to see us get too conservative. Once you have an opponent by the neck....it's time to break it, and the Flyers not only broke the Canes...they ripped 'em in half. 


Cam Ward was pulled off the ice midway through the 2nd period after the Flyers went up 4 - 0, and only stopped 9 of 13 shots on goal. Justin Peters took over in the crease but Philadelphia had no problems turning him into a block of swiss cheese.

The Flyers welcomed Peters in net on a Mike Richards short handed goal. The scoring chance began and ended in a blink of an eye once Claude Giroux snatched the puck from the sky inside the Carolina zone, passed to Richie who then quickly sent it corner-side high on Justin, making it a Flyers 5 - 0 lead.

Once again Giroux proves that it is his awareness that's his best attribute.

What did I call him last article? A "wizard"?

Screw that. The man's a sorcerer.


A game of David vs Goliath, only in this case, the giant realistically pummels the living shit out of the lesser opponent.

There were assists, there were goals, there were saves, there was....no one in attendance by the end of the 3rd except a loud group of Flyers fans! HA!

The game had it all last night and the Orange Soldiers show no signs of slowing down. They haven't lost in regulation since October 25th versus the Blue Jackets, and since then have only lost once in OT.

The fire is in our corner and it's burning a bright orange flame. I haven't seen this much dominance since my girlfriend made me go see Remember Me in theaters. Only this time...I'm enjoying what I watch.


Let's see if the Broad Street Bullies can continue this red hot points streak on Saturday night when they host the Florida Panthers at 7pm on Comcast Sportsnet.


(Below is the video of Richards' SHG)