Michael DeNicola



I admit I haven't paid as much attention to the Western Conference as I should, but it's pretty hard to not notice this streak Phoenix is on.

That's right, the Coyotes have won seven consecutive games which places them 3rd in points within the Western Conference Standings. And get this....they don't have a single 20+ goal scoring player this season. Not one. No, instead they've won games by out gritting their opponents and stopping their chances between the pipes.

Coyotes' netminder, Ilya Bryzgalov, is gloating a decent percentage at 0.914, and allowing just under three goals a game. Like I said; decent. Nothing extraordinary.

So how in the living shit are they getting it done out there? The West is a warzone! Seventh through eleventh seed are all tied at 68-points and each game means something. Don't be fooled, folks, it's playoffs out there. This makes the Coyotes extremely dangerous. Especially considering we wouldn't know how to play with a lead if it were drawn out in crayon. And to top it off our #6 defenceman, Sean O'Donnell, is out for the next 10 to 14 days with an injury.

Puck bunnies, you'll enjoy this piece of news; Coyotes forward, Scottie Upshall leads his squad with 16-goals scored. First off, let me say this....anyone who voluntarily calls himself "Scottie" deserves a punch in the throat. I get called "Mikey" all the time, but I don't introduce myself to clients as, "Hello, sir. I'm Mikey DeNicola. Wanna change my diaper?" It's f*cking stupid.

Secondly, I'm happier than a pig in shit that we got Carcillo for him. It was worth every agonizing thought from your Carcillo hating brain. I hope you choke on it.


Star defenceman, Keith Yandle, leads the team in points at 51. His +/- rating is a plus-4. The man knows how to get it done.

Still, how does a 16-goal scorer, a blue liner and an okay-goalie win seven friggin games straight? What is there to analyze and strategize against? Looking on paper I say the Flyers have this match up easily, but the streak tells me differently.