Michael DeNicola


I'll tell you where he is -- RUSSIA! Keeping his psychopathic ass off American soil.

Following this "facelift" the Flyers GM Paul Holmgren's done on our club's roster, tons of fans have come out of the wood work begging for the services of Nikolay Zherdev to return in Orange & Black.

Unless they've forgotten or can't quite register the seriousness of Nikky's situation in the Motherland, Zherdev was arrested or detained by Russian police back in mid May after he got in an altercation with his wife at a restaurant. Eye witnesses say he and Mrs. Zherdev were screaming at one another in a Russian cafe over lunch. Nik scared his significant other so much that she felt threatened and took off to their car where she got in and locked the doors.

Instead of meditating, Nikolay chased his wife down, tried opening the car doors, failed, but then took to a metal pole (WHAT?!?) that he found in the parking lot and began pummelling the vehicle with it.

Wife still inside, mind you.


Now, rewind a few months prior to this; Zherdev was scratched more often than a mosquito bite from the Flyers starting lines. He has a history of lazy work ethic and drama caused off the ice. There's no doubt he's a skilled player, but his poor judgement away from the game was more than enough to keep him bouncing around the NHL and KHL since his Draft day.

Keeping all of that just mentioned in mind -- now we get to add assault with a metal pipe to his outrageous resume.  

Since this quarrel happened, I've tried to keep up to date with it, but you know those Russians.....if news leaks outside its red borders then the source is sent to Siberia and stuck scraping up fossilized sabretooth shit in -50 degree weather for the remainder of their days. 

But the latest reports I could find come from (who else, but) Chuck Gormely who claimed that once the investigation is through, Nikolay could face charges for “intentional damage to property of others".


In the United States, this kind of thing happens all the time. Please see Britney Spears circa 2007. After a few light slaps on the wrist, maybe a fine and some probation served, our society forgets all about it like a fart in a hurricane. 

In Russia? I have no clue. But I have the mental image of Zherdev shackled upside down in a dank dungeon getting tazed on the head with a water bucket filled with electric eels, or something.

Point is, forget about Nikolay Zherdev. Even if he were to get the clearance to return to the United States and play hockey, Paul Holmgren's NOT going to want the aggravation of worrying about a ticking, psycho time bomb like Nik.