Michael DeNicola


It's like one of those games you see the insane play where one fires an arrow straight into the sky above and the rest scatter like cock roaches. 

Though many sighed with relief once the Flyers traded for and acquired the rights to Ilya BryzgalovHolmgren and Snider have beat reporters firing questions left and right as if this were the country's war room in Defcon 1. 

What's going to happen? Snider's made it perfectly clear he is not interested in another post-season carrousel in the cage. Holmgren's announced on several occasions that he and the rest of the suits believe Sergei Bobrovsky IS the future puck stopper for this team. Jeff Carter's agent, Rick Curran went on record that he is not concerned with, or entertaining any of these Carter trade rumors. "That's just what they are," he's said. 


You don't have to be a mathematician or possess the nimble expertise on how to land a human-being safely on the dark side of the moon to know that IF this team does sign Bryzgalov then money must be dumped somewhere, somehow. 

You take a loss to make a gain. 

So far we've heard it all. Jeff Carter's name has been dropped in the off-season's rumormill more times than Brett Favre's questionable return to the NFL. Kris Versteeg (LW) and defenseman Matt Carle have both been speculated to be a package deal that could be transacted between Broad Street's Finest and the Columbus Blue Jackets. 610WIP anchor, Howard Eskin has reason to believe that now Flyers captain Mike Richards has his hand in Aunt Bea's Rumor Pie. And last, but not least, the famous Tim Panaccio posted an article claiming Bobrovsky shouldn't get too comfortable in the City Of Brotherly Love. 


What's to come of all this? There's arguments for and against each of these stops along the grapevine. But no one other than Ed Snider and Paul Holmgren can clear the air, and they're doing a damn good job keeping it smokey. 

Hell, your guess is as good as anyone else's. Just look at BroadStreetHockey.com's earlier posted article asking their readers to build their own expected, cap-friendly Flyers roster that they [the reader] believe will start on opening night. Guess it correctly and you WIN A PRIZE!!!

We're all fiending like a school of piranha waiting impatiently for a slab of raw beef held above to be relinquished from the grips of a higher power. "Give it to us! GIVE IT TO US!!!", we scream, convinced we can handle the news no matter how bad, questionable or jaw dropping it may be. 

You think the suits know? Perhaps. Ohhhhh and what torture. Like the sound of a sweating sink dripping in the night and us incapable of finding the solution to fix it. It gnaws at our fiber, creating the illusion that the decision has already been made but to all intents and purposes it's kept behind the closed doors of management. 


Stir crazy? Without question. Science proves that sharks can smell a drop of blood in the ocean from miles away, and we're not getting even that much. 

One thing is for certain, though; If Ilya dots the I's, crosses the T's and scribbles his John Hancock on that contract stained in Orange......that cap axe is coming down on the chopping block. 

Whose head(s) is it gonna be?