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Take a look at that garbage. Go ahead. I'll wait...






.....pathetic, isn't it? I understand where Brian D'Ambrosio, author of the linked article "Daniel Carcillo, Hockey Fights, NHL Phony Tough Guy" is coming from. Really, I do.

Carcillo was NHL bred to get under opponents' skin, and not only is he successful at that, but he manages to piss off every Flyers hater all over the globe! So I say he's doing his job very well.


Firstly, Brian begins his article with this statement:

Daniel Carcillo is undoubtedly the fakest, most bogus tough guy in the NHL today. He would have never survived in the NHL of years past, and he would certainly not qualify for a heavyweight or a tough guy in the old NHL.

Right out of the gate I knew Brian had trouble sitting down to write this article with his bulbous, water filled head stuffed up his turd cutter.

Brian, I hope you're reading this because I would like to make this perfectly clear -- there is no way you can hang with the toughness of yesterday's NHL without the speed, agility and skill you need for today. Had Carcillo been wearing a Flyers sweater in the '70s, he'd more than likely be more of an offensive weapon than he is today.

So bringing up the tough guy days on ice, what it takes to win cups in today's NHL, then relate all of that to Carcillo's game is simply asinine and could have only come from someone who either doesn't understand the differences between the eras, or he's just so sour on Danny that he'd waste his time and his readers' time puking up this bias drivel.

And without disappointing my expectations, Brian -- like any other Carcillo hater -- brings up the fight between him and New York Ranger, Marion Gaborik.

I absolutely love listening to these rejects who constantly pull this example out of their ass each time Carcillo's name is mentioned. In the 2009-2010 regular season, Gaborik decided it would be a good idea to start shoving Daniel behind the net. Things got a bit scrappy, Gabby dropped his right glove FIRST, so Carcillo retaliated and lit Gaborik up like Brian D'Ambrosio's copy of "Go West", by The Village People.

But no. Haters say Carcillo's the one at fault for kicking the shit out of a docile forward. I guess after Marion dropped his glove, Danny was supposed to allow him to begin using his face as a punching bag, right? Yea, makes sense.

Thanks for that tidbit, Brian. You're about as predictable as John Madden's speech on Brett Favre's retirement.


Another knowledgeable assertion pinched from Brian's thoughts was,

and he makes a once mighty, proud, fiery organization look like a pathetic breeding ground for sissies


 That is undoubtedly one of the biggest one-sided arguments fed by hate for a team I have seen yet. This guy is going to label a team who has made one of the best underdog comebacks in the history of sports playoffs a bunch of "sissies" because of one player? That would be like me calling the entire D'Ambrosio family tree a bunch of snobby simpletons because of Brian. However, my logic isn't that shallow and unjust.  


If you've read the article, then you know the rest. If not, I'll spare your brain cells from packin up their things and jumping out your ears.

Brian's main argument is that Carcillo is a wannabe, tough guy enforcer when in reality that is not the way it is. Carcillo's on the ice to get the bench hot headed, to draw in the penalties, get the Flyers a power play, and that's exactly what he's been doing! I'll admit he does stupid shit at times such as react to a phantom high stick, a little too high tempered, etc. But everyone's got their flaws.

With Peter Laviolette coaching this squad, and seasoned vets like Chris Pronger and Ian Laperriere, Daniel Carcillo has the privilege to grow his offensive roots, calm his temper down and keep a better focus on what's good for the team.

Love him, or hate him, Daniel Carcillo is no way a "phony tough guy". And by all means, Brian D'Ambrosio, skate your worthless ass out onto the ice and share punches with Carbomb! He'd knock you so hard you'd fall flat on the ice like a dead deer stricken with rigormortis.

Here's some homework for you, Brian -- sideline your biased hate for Daniel Carcillo and focus on the positives he brings to a team. You might shit your pants with surprise.