Michael DeNicola



I'd say I'm finished sticking up for Jody Shelley and his ridiculous contract, but I haven't had a positive thing to say about him since my transition from shorts and sandles to jeans, sneakers and a hoodie.

TSN's reported that Shelley has been given a 2-game suspension for his hit on Adam McQuaid in Saturday night's 2 - 1 victory over the Boston Bruins.

Is it justified? I think so. I see no worth in Shelley other than to give the crowd bland fights and asinine plays such as the boarding call.

Let's face it; Holmgren wasted more money on Jody than all of China wasted on penile enhancement drugs.

Sure, he's come out and said that it was an accident, and he's apologized to McQuaid and the Bruins after the game, but none of that takes away from the obvious shove to the back he gave Adam close to the boards so early in the 2nd period.

It's not like McQuaid's nameplate and number were at a questionable angle and Jody was giving him a slight nudge. Shelley's arms were fully extended just feet from the boards behind the Boston net with Adam's name and number in plain view.

And for what? To get to the iced puck quicker?

A play that could of been avoided turned out to be a 5-minute major penalty that Dan Carcillo served, and Brian Boucher and the Flyers thankfully fought off without a Bruin goal potted. If it wasn't for the unbelievably great defensive momentum the Flyers carried out all game long, the Bruins could have taken a sizable lead at Shelley's expense.

And considering the defensive battle both squads engineered for the full tilt, one or two goals allowed might have been all it took to seal an early win over Philadelphia. So yea, I'm pretty pissed off.


"When I was coming off the ice, he was waiting for me there. He said he was sorry and he didn't mean to, so I've just got to take what he says," McQuaid replied to a post game interview.

Luckily for Shelley, McQuaid's injury was only loss of breath when his upper torso met the boards. Post game tests showed no head injury(ies). With the league cracking down heavily on head-shots and related injuries, Shelley's rubbing that four leaf clover he's got tucked up his overpaid ass and counting his lucky stars that Adam's currently not being fed through a tube and shitting in a plastic bag.


Note: Shelley will forfeit $11,827.96 in salary, which will go to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund.